Your Log House
The On-Site Manual For The Do-It-Yourselfer
What's the book about?

Illustrated Glossary of Terms

  1. Introduction
  2. Why a Log House?
  3. House Design
  4. Traditional Principles & Contemporary Design
  5. Log Acquisition
  6. Getting Started on the Building
  7. Organizing the Site and Equipment
  8. Foundations
  9. Timber Layout
  10. First Logs & Floor Joists
  11. The Chainsaw
  12. Setting Wall Logs
  13. Openings
  14. Framing Walls
  15. Building the Roof
  16. Round Log Piece-en-piece
  17. Stair Planning
  18. Thermal Resistivity of Wood

• Includes 15 House Plans!

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The Book: Your Log House

3. House Design

I cannot overemphasize the importance of good planning when building that log house which is going to demand so much energy, care, time, and plain sweat. All the craftsmanship, expertise, and starry-eyed idealism in the world cannot turn a poorly-planned, poorly-designed building into a thing of beauty. Building the log house starts with good architectural design. Unlike most other forms of construction, a log house cannot be easily dressed up. Its beauty lies in the materials, carefully pulled out of the environment. What is done to the building in the first week of its construction may control the function and aesthetics of the entire completed building.

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